• Potatoes
  • Swede
  • Steak
  • Onion
  • Salt/Pepper


  • Vegetable margarine
  • Plain Flour
  • Secret ingredients exclusive to the McFadden family’s recipe!


Local suppliers

  • Clive Williams – Local farmer who we source all our potatoes from.
  • Ding Dong Eggs Madron – all free range eggs used in the bakery are from these guys
  • West Country fruit sales based in Falmouth- all our vegetables are from here
  • All meat is from our shop and local farms



As well as our fantastic Cornish Pasties, everything else that is produced in our busy little bakery is also made by hand. Even the steak we use is all diced by hand to ensure absolute quality in each and every pasty.

We also produce a lovely range of pies, quiches, pizzas and sausage rolls, this is also another product range we could make available to catering businesses where required. And, last but not least, is our ever popular HUGE Scotch Eggs! Each one is made by hand using local free range eggs and our own Mcfadden’s farmed pork sausage meat.